First Strategic is proud of the portfolio of work we have produced for projects and campaigns. Our work has successfully helped our client partners achieve their goals and objectives.

FirstStrategic is a bipartisan firm that has the foundation to seamlessly work through times of resolve or transition. We recognize that working with government on any level can sometimes be confusing and even at times frustrating experience. However, at FirstStrategic, we understand how government works day in and day out. We acutely understand all of the moving parts in government on all levels, and with our firm, you will feel the difference. Over the years, we have effectively represented leading corporations, emerging businesses and dedicated individuals who need advice on how to strategically and tactically communicate with our elected officials and government in an efficient and mutually beneficial way. We understand how to build the proper support you will need to find the resources to attain your goals

FirstStrategic specializes in both short and long-term corporate communications and public affairs strategies. Regardless of the timeline of the project, our strategies are comprehensive, taking into consideration every complexity of the puzzle. When a crisis occurs we are there as the first responder, ready to handle the hard cases and respond quickly and effectively. With projects over the long-term, we are there every step of the way for your organization, carefully planning out execution, evaluating the political and economic climate and reaching out to stakeholders at every level. With our team’s unique blend of both corporate and government experience, we have the skill-set to help your organization achieve its goals – on any level and of any scale. Our team has worked successfully with both big and small entities, to solve a crisis in the immediate short-term or carry out a long-term project over months or years. Whatever your needs may be, we have the ability to serve your organization at any level.

FirstStrategic offers the very best in campaign management and strategy development. Members of the FirstStrategic team have worked on local, state and federal campaigns. As a bipartisan firm, we do not do partisan candidates but we do manage education and ballot initiative campaigns. When it comes to ballot initiatives, FirstStrategic’s record stands at an impressive 12-1. We work with you to manage the campaign from every step – from ensuring the most effective ballot language is drafted, to building a working coalition and all the way to Election Day. Based on our assessments of polling, political climate and our knowledge of the community, we are able to develop winning messaging while providing community relations, public relations, media relations and grassroots strategy. In addition, our team’s vast experiences in campaign and campaign management allow us to provide our clients with “best in class” vendors for television, radio, direct mail, robocalls or any other services your campaign requires to be successful on Election Day.